At IN2AP we pride ourselves on being product solutions specialists. We are educated by global partners about the latest up to date technologies and trends and we are committed to sharing this information with Australian Specifiers to better inform product decisions through continuous learning developments.

IN2AP Learning hosts a range of CPD Modules Australia Wide. We aim to assist specifiers by:

  1. Helping you to choose which CPD Modules are relevant to your needs, learning opportunity areas and day to day practice requirements.
  2. Flexible delivery options: Online Modules and In Office Presentations mean that you can choose to accrue your CPD points in your own time or in a formalised way as part of a group session.

For more information about IN2AP and product solutions tailored to specific Design Environment requirements visit www.in2ap.com.au

To learn more about Refuel and Australian CPD Requirements click here   refuel_pms311c_pn